Jim Jasper, owner of Jasco Remodeling, was a pleasure to work with. From our initial contact, throughout the pricing, contracting, and into the construction and completion of our 525 sq ft home addition, his professionalism and attention to detail was exceptional. Jim worked with us through a few inevitable issues for this size project, and his personal contact with us during the job kept us at ease. Not once did we get the feeling that we chose the wrong contractor. He understood the design ideas we had, and offered suggestions on improvements, which we often thankfully took. We could not be more pleased with Jim and his company.
by Dan and Mary M. on 11/10/2012Contact Us

Excellent. Job went very well, in a timely fashion and sub-contractors were very good. Have used Jasco Remodeling a few times, always with good results.
by Janet Piper. on 10/6/2012Contact Us

The first time I met Jim he came to my house on a Saturday with just a couple hours before going out of town on a three day weekend. I was having issues with my side garage door and thought it might need to be replaced. He looked it over, showed me what was wrong and went out to his truck, came back a minute later with a caulk gun hammer and a some nails. He fixed my issue with the door and gave me advice on how to prevent it in the future. On his way out he noticed some light coming through the trim on another door (I had already mentioned our scorpion problem earlier). he went back out to his truck and came back with adhesive foam wedges, stuck them on and voila, no more light. As he was leaving I asked what I owed him, he told me he didn’t do much and did not feel right accepting any payment. That was almost four years ago, since then he has done numerous jobs on my house and I am honored to say Jim is my Friend. P.S. ask to look at his books of photos from previous jobs.
by Corey M. on 10/2/2012Contact Us

In February 2011 Jasco Remodeling completed my Kitchen Remodel. I was impressed with the quality of their work and timeliness of completion. I recommend Jasco Remodeling to my family and friends. Jim Jasper was sensitive to my needs and worked with me to create a wonderful new kitchen. They were sensitive in keeping the rest of my house clean while they completed their work. They also worked to keep me within my budget.
by Joanne V. on 9/26/2012Contact Us

Fantastic job on the complete remodel of our Master Bath, over the top, it looks like a high-end spa. Please feel free to call us, Jim comes highly recommended…
by Jeff & Linda T. on 9/21/2012Contact Us

Jasco Remodeling is a professional and responsive company to hire for remodeling and home improvement needs. I’ve used their services for the past 2 years on a variety of projects and would not hesitate to recommend this company. Professional crew, cleaned up during the work being performed, creative in ideas of what could be done and told me what would not work, worked within my budget and suggested alternatives to keep the budget intact. Quality work and quality staff.
by Jenny S. on 9/20/2012Contact Us

Jasco Remodeling remodeled my house adding nearly 500 sq ft including bathrooms, room extensions, tile, laminate flooring, windows, roofing, doors, stonework, and interior and exterior paint etc. Before starting my project, they took their time to make sure I was satisfied with the plan and brought many good suggestions for my consideration and I was not pressured to begin before everything had been discussed. We did not move out during our remodel and Jasco Remodeling was always very respectful of that fact, leaving the jobsite as clean and organized as possible at the end of each day. Jasco Remodeling treated my family and my project as if we were family. I plan to have them back again for my next project.
by Patti D. on 9/20/2012Contact Us